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The TransAuto Academy is a division of the TransAuto Group and specialises in fleet management and automotive dealer training. With over 50 years of cumulative hands-on experience in the fleet management and automotive industries, our training courses are designed to provide delegates with functional and practical knowledge on how to improve the management of their organisation’s fleet of vehicles or how to sell vehicles to organisations that have vehicle fleets. Our courses are presented by trainers who have practical hands-on experience in managing public and private sector fleets and also motor dealerships sales and management experience.


TransAuto Academy is a Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) accredited training provider (TETA14-430)
Our Fleet Management Training Courses enhance the skills and knowledge of fleet management professionals and provide them with a comprehensive overview of the latest principles and practices required to manage fleet operations in today’s world. The knowledge gained on our fleet management courses will enable them to improve their fleet management skills, allowing these fleet management professionals to successfully manage public sector and corporate fleets.
Our Motor Dealership Sales Skills Courses will help Motor Dealership management and sales executives improve their sales.
  • The Dealership Fleet Selling Skills course will help dealership sales executives make the transition from selling off the floor to being able to successfully sell to fleet owners. The Dealership Fleet Selling Skills course will provide the vehicle sales executives with an understanding of both the corporate selling process as well the fleet management skills needed to be able to relate to the fleet owner.
  • The Power Selling skills course is ideal to help improve the sales executive’s personal selling skills. The course focusses on the individual and covers the selling skills needed by vehicle sales executives to develop sales opportunities using the proven steps to successful selling in the Motor Industry.
  • The Sales Management Training course is a dynamic 2 day course designed to assist both new and experienced Dealership Sales Managers in charge of seasoned sales executives and newcomers, to learn how to manage, lead, coach, drive and motivate their Dealership Sales Teams to achieve the desired levels of sales performance.

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