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TransAuto Consulting is a division of the TransAuto Group and specialises in fleet management and motor dealership consulting. With over 50 combined years of experience in the Fleet Management, Transport and Motor industries, TransAuto’s team of highly skilled and experienced consultants is able to provide comprehensive consulting expertise on almost any area of your organisation’s fleet or motor dealership.

Fleet Management Consulting
Using our extensive skills and experience gained from the hands-on management and operation of public and private sector passenger and commercial vehicle fleets, we can assist your organisation to improve the management of your fleet and reduce costs in the following areas:

Fleet Policy Formulation
This is the starting point of good fleet management, and often the root cause of all an organisation’s fleet problems. We can assist your organisation develop a fleet policy tailored to your organisations’ specific needs, but which incorporates all the aspects required to ensure a well-managed and run fleet.


Company Car vs. Car Allowance
The debate around company car or car allowances has been on-going for over two decades. We assist organisations to determine which policy is best for them as well as to assist them with the implementation thereof.


Fleet Rightsizing
Running a fleet that is too big or too small for your organisation’s transport requirements can be expensive and wasteful. We will perform a comprehensive fleet rightsizing exercise for your organisation to determine the optimal sized fleet that will provide the best vehicle utilisation and availability to meet your organisation’s needs.


Fleet Audits & Inspections
In the event your organisation requires an independent assessment of your fleet’s condition, we provide comprehensive fleet audit services on a national basis. These services range from basic asset verification checks, visual fleet condition checks right through to detailed technical inspections of the fleet.

Fleet Cost Control and Management
We assist organisations to improve the management and control of their fleet costs through a comprehensive analysis and assessment of all the fleet cost saving opportunities available. We also advise on the systems and processes required to minimise costs and optimise fleet availability.


Workshop Management
One of the major headaches of many organisations that run in-house workshops is the proper management thereof. Work scheduling, stock control, performance/comeback management are just some problem areas organisations struggle with. We will audit your workshops and advise you on how to improve their overall efficiency and reduce wastage.


Fuel Management
Proper fuel management is usually one of an organisation’s biggest risk areas. We advise on how to improve the management of fuel wet-stocks and bulk storage so as to reduce wastage and theft.

Vehicle Tracking and Telematics Systems
The variety of vehicle tracking and telematics options available in the market can be confusing to the average fleet owner. We assist organisations determine which is the right system to use for their fleet based on assessments of factors like fleet usage and application.


Vehicle Finance
The incorrect choice of which method of finance is used to acquire a fleet of vehicles can be very costly. We assist organisations determine which is the best finance option to use based on their unique set of circumstances.


Tender Advisory Services
We can assist in the preparation and development of tender documents as well as assist with the adjudication of tender submissions to ensure that the correct solution and service provider are selected.


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Please contact us for more information or to discuss how we can assist you improve the management of your fleet


Dealership Assessment Program
Using our individual skills, we conduct onsite systematic and detailed investigations of the Dealership using industry standards and best business practices benchmarks. We perform in-depth assessments/audit investigation of a Dealership to measure its people, processes and performance with the goal of establishing a Fleet Sales operation.

Workshop Management
We perform Dealer workshop audits to determine how to improve their overall efficiency and reduce wastage.

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Please contact us for more information or to discuss how we can assist you to improve the management of your dealership or improve your fleet sales.



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